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Making your daily work easier by delivering an integrated Microsoft 365 user experience across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Office and OneDrive.

Office2SharePoint for Outlook & Office

Microsoft 365 add-in

Make your document management easier than ever! Save your files on SharePoint, Teams & OneDrive.

Directly from Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint!

Share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device.

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Office2SharePoint for Teams

Studies shows that Fifty-four percent of office professionals says they are wasting time search for files in online filing systems. 

Almost one in five office professionals ranked “digging for files they need” as the No. 1 barrier to remote work. Office2SharePoint for Teams App speeds up work and minimizes these distracting searches.

Office2SharePoint brings the content you need to your fingertips so you can complete tasks faster collaborate with others and stay in your flow.  

Get the full experience from SharePoint

Easy to deploy

Send easily

Deploy the add-in in Microsoft 365 and it is available on Outlook for Windows, MAC, Web and Outlook for IOS. The deployment takes the same amount of time for 1 or 100 users! No installation required.

We made it easy for you! With Office2SharePoint, users are able to find a file in SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive, attach or link,  and send directly from Outlook. The "save and send" feature allows users to save the e-mail including attachments that they are currently sending back to SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive.

Office2SharePoint is the perfect tool for file sharing and file management. 

Save and share files directly from Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint to Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive.

Save & share efficiently

Search for files

Save one or multiple e-mails including attachments. This app also allows users to save either the whole e-mail threads or just parts of it. All files & e-mails can be saved as a PDF.  With the "quick save" feature, users are able to save files with just one click! 

As content is growing and growing, it becomes difficult and complicated to find exactly the file you or your team need. Office2SharePoint for Teams is making it easier than ever! Find the files you are looking for on any SharePoint site, Teams site or OneDrive, directly from Teams, getting assistance from Office2SharePoint Teams Bot, using a Personal App, Microsoft Teams Massage Extension, or from a Teams Meeting.

Secure & certified by Microsoft

No data is saved locally on any devices, nor does iGlobe save any of your application data.

               We and You are 100% GDPR compliant!

Microsoft 365 App Certification confirms that an app solution is compatible with Microsoft technologies, compliant with cloud app security best practices, and supported by Microsoft, a trusted partner.  

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Reviews by Office2SharePoint users

If you need to save attachments or emails to Teams or attach files from Teams to an email, you cannot do without this add-on - it is saving us time and frustration and provides essential functionality that should have been included in Teams from day one! Also, I have had excellent service from Alon and the iGlobe Team on support, so you definitely get value for your money!

This is a very useful application, to simplify and speed up the ability to share documents through outlook. It even makes it easier to upload documents straight to SharePoint or your OneDrive.

This app works well with both the desktop version of outlook and the online version of Office 365 Outlook. I have looked for a way to integrate my emails into Sharepoint file directories and this works great.

Ryan Foulds

Ken Fritz

I do not want our employees or our accountants to each have emails in their inboxes taking up space and not be able to find an old correspondence. With Office2SharePoint we can now make sure everyone saves important emails and files directly in our structured SharePoint folders so they themselves and our management can easily locate them for any historic enquiries.

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Pieter Venter

Robin Dinerstein: Head of IT Support


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Minimum of 3 months

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Minimum of 12 months

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